New England – part un

After DC, we headed up to the New England area, but first we got to pay a lot of money in tolls, like a WTH amount! But whatever, we saved two hours and got to see the NY Skyline and probably saved a tank of fuel had we gone around. We encountered our first low overhead, but in reality we looked it over and there was no way it was as low as it stated. We pulled over, walked around and figured another route, but we know it wasn’t near the low height and we could have been ok. It was not noted on any of our apps for low overhead. Point is, expect the unexpected, lol.

We stopped in for lunch with Matt’s sister and explored Rye, NY for the afternoon before heading over to Niantic, Connecticut which was a beautiful wooded campsite and in the process of being updated with new owners. Very friendly people. Then we hopped over to Dennis Port, Massachusetts for a few nights using a membership plan that gave us half off and we were so close to the beach that we could hear the waves each morning. We enjoyed walking the beach each morning and exploring the Cape Cod area and Provincetown. We then went up through Boston to our next stop in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. We’re here for 18 days, which is our longest one place stay to date. The campground owners speak French fluently and we have lots of Canadian neighbors here. Everyone is so nice and we love Maine so far.

So, 24 states in the first 11 weeks and we have been surprised that we are loving this more than originally imagined. We’re starting to feel more at home in our “tiny house” and everything has a place and fits well. I don’t like our current furniture situation though so that will be changing once we get back to Roseville. We’re enjoying exploring different areas even though I’ve had some struggles with keeping up my run training when humidity hits hard and my concern for safety running solo in a strange area creep up, but I’m giving myself some grace. Reminding myself that I run for me and not for others nor that I’m in any time trials. We have been hiking and walking a lot so that I’ve enjoyed as well yoga at the trailer. We’ve been able to save money and pay debts down a little a head of schedule while still experiencing great activities. Our “rent” always includes utilities and we’re sticking to our fuel budget pretty well. were just in time to see the leaves to start their color show!

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