We Are… Penn State!

Penn State is Matt’s alma mater so we had fun hanging out at all his favorite places. We ran and hiked major vertical up Mount Nittany and met up with a former classmate. Also got some running and exploring on the big campus which was so cool. Then off to Gettysburg, one our favorite stops and we learned about a different way of campground it was in that area. It seemed to be one big party and lots of people knew each other and we were welcomed into the mix. For us, we’re more introverted so it was a challenge to not have our down time but we explored the area a lot which gave us our space as needed. We really did like our friendly neighbors and wished we were better prepared. We also went to an Amish village for tourists and if you know me, I love to read Amish books on my Kindle… it’s quite the oxymoron, lol. I haven’t been running as much with the humidity but we’re walking a lot and enjoying the culture.

This picture was of our campsite which we enjoyed hanging out when it was too hot. They included a bbq grill at many sites.

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