We had a few maintenance and repair issues that changed up our trip plans slightly but made it to Dublin, Ohio in time for a big work project for Matt.  It’s beautiful, lush and green here but also many thunderstorms and heavy humidity and somewhat gloomy more days than not. We were on weather watch nearly every hour as it was not easy to plan many outdoor adventures.

We have a nice campground that has lots to do and close to a lot of great suburbs and have been exploring the Greater Columbus area nearly every day.  It’s our longest stay yet with 12 days.  I was planning to run the local half marathon, but I have not been able to get past three miles with the humidity making it hard for me to breathe.  I did meet up with the local Moms Run This Chapter for a few runs and most have agreed this is one they don’t typically run this time of year so I will just have to visit again.  We met with one of Matt’s colleagues and her husband for dinner as well.  Everyone is pleasant, but I will note that most drivers here are crazy and always on their phones which made for several intense drives to and from the office.

Some places we enjoyed were the Columbus Zoo.  It was huge and very open.  The giraffes were our favorite.  We also explored Downtown Delaware, New Albany and its beautiful homes, The Easton Mall, Historic Dublin, Ohio State and German Village.  We both agreed that next time we visit, we will rent an Airbnb in German Village.  It was wonderful and Matt has been Germany a few times and said it really felt as if we were there.

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