Badlands to Chicago

Moving right along we stopped back in our new hometown and got our Wyoming drivers licenses and registered vehicles and registered to vote. We are officially Wyomingians? Not sure if that’s the correct term, but there you have it.

We have been enjoying local events at many stops along the way. Festivals, concerts, restaurants and shops allow us to experience different cultures and lifestyles we are humbled by. Definitely not in California anymore!

We stopped in the Badlands and it was absolutely beautiful. I understand why it was “bad” for those who were native Americans and for American pioneers during the westward expansion, it was simply bad for crossing, no water, no way to cultivate. Matt and I had the opportunity to fly in a helicopter tour over the Badlands and it was the best way to really see them. We had also climbed around and ran through the area. We visited the Mount Rushmore monument and had a wonderful New England style dinner in which they prepared from Thomas Jefferson’s recipes.

Made our way through South Dakota, Nebraska and then a stop near Des Moines to visit a lot of my cousins. Then we head on over to Indiana Dunes, Indiana for some fun in Chicago! Had a wonderful stay at the Ritz and took a few tours and explored the Windy City on our own.

Our first helicopter ride, hopefully not the last!

We hiked this stair trail several times! We also had the pleasure of enjoying a free concert at the dunes from the Northwest Indiana Symphony.

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