Montana Mountain Fun

We spent most of the week in Montana traveling from East to West and back East again. The Billings KOA was the best park so far to date (and most expensive, lol) but we only stayed one night. I’m learning what the different levels of parks are now. So far we’ve had very few hiccups with the trailer and caught them super early to prevent any real damages to the trailer but we now remember our checklist and triple check everything. We can pack up and move out in less than 30 minutes start to finish. Some of the long drives are exhausting so we’re breaking them up with a short overnight to get to our next destination and starting to set up longer stays to limit traveling during Matt’s working hours. As I’m writing this, I’m holed up in an Applebee’s on Hwy 90 in Billings while matt makes a few calls and checks emails. I haven’t braved a turn at driving the rig yet and it’s been windy so I’m going to try another time. Matt’s is all to happy to keep us safe too so he’s ok to wait. This past weekend was my fourth state out of fifty of completing a half marathon (I’m starting to lose count on number of half’s I’ve done, up in the 20s now). Several friends from California ran it and I met their great friends from Louisiana and now have some new friends to run in LA with next year! We had also visited a real Ghost Town in Garnet Montana which is amazing to walk back in time and get the true sense of life through the “eyes” of the buildings.

A view from above Garnet. Several cabins, a couple of saloons, a store and hotel in this shot. We went in most of them and so much is in tact.

We founds “ghosts”!

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