Week 2: Colorado Springs

Spending time with my sister and family has been the best. This has also been our first actual stay in one place part of the trip. My sister and her family are also full time rv’rs and work in Colorado Springs. They helped with lots of questions and tips with rv living. We stayed at the park they are in. Beautiful views of Pike’s Peak, mountains surrounding and of Garden of the Gods. We spent most of our days unpacking boxes, fitting and cramming it all in, Matt worked all week and we had much of the afternoons to be tourists. Visited downtown, went to a Switchbacks game, Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, the Cliff Dwellings, lots of great restaurants and got some running and hiking in as well. Ran with the Colorado Springs MRTT chapter and did some “plogging” at a local park with my brother in law’s work. The altitude definitely got to me this time even though I’ve ran and hiked in Tahoe many times without issue. I also got in a half marathon on Fourth of July for my third state. Matt and I both agree that the trailer is starting to feel like home and feeling more comfortable with it. Heading out today for a few days of one nighters to get to Missoula, Montana.

This small artwork is called “Decisions”. I kept seeing it in the coffee shop and was drawn to it before I knew the name. It’s made with beeswax on reclaimed wood by a local artist named Shannon Mello. Since it’s lightweight, I’ll be hanging it with the command nail hook and stability strips to keep it in place during travel.

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