Off to a great first week

We’ve been moving along the country quickly and still getting work done along the way. First stop after 9 hours of driving was in Salt Lake City, UT in a hotel for one night and then off for a second day of 9 hours of driving to Sheridan, WY where our travel trailer arrived a day early. We set up in a hotel in the quaint western downtown for several days and got the trailer over to a nearby KOA with the uHaul so I could begin to unload the uHaul and move into the trailer. We had several set backs and discovered that confirmations do not mean much to some people. Others have been very kind to us. It was actually quite stressful dealing with the various issues, but we pulled together our project management skills and rearranged what we could to make things work. We still left in time for our next stop in Glendo, WY for one night and learned new issues, but resolved them quickly for our first night’s sleep inside the trailer. We slept great! Off to the next stop in Cheyenne, WY through a horrendous thunder and hail storm. We called our next park to let them know we would be late, they lost our reservation because they only write things down and do not use computers, but they got us in after all. Super cute western town theme with lots of activities and a working ranch with two restaurants on the property. We settled for keeping the truck hitched and had bison for dinner. The sun came out and we explored the ranch where an ostrich charged at me! We got another great nights sleep and were off to Colorado Springs, CO to see my sister and brother in law. They live full time in an RV Park that has amazing views and is very peaceful. We are set up not too far and can see Pike’s Peak. We had the kids give suggestions for naming the truck as is tradition for all our vehicles, meet Thor the Titan and Harriet the Home. Oh, I signed up for another half marathon in 3 days on a whim.

3 thoughts on “Off to a great first week

  1. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Take it from a couple who have spent months in our trailer, take it slow and enjoy the journey. Stay a minimum of three days in each location. Maybe longer. Excited for you. We are contimplating going on the road, full time, as well. Take care, Rich

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    1. Great advice for sure! We’re staying in CS for 8 days then taking short one day trips to get to the next longer stay. We have a few two week locations coming soon.


      1. Great! I’m sure you have, but I hope you’re following some of the many YouTube VLOGS from full timers you’re age. Driven and Vibin, Less Junk, More Journey, Keep Your Daydream and many others. Great advice for those working from the road.

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