Mondays can be great!

D5CD4DFA-9442-4279-81BC-21023B674640Thinking about how Mondays have a bad rap and all I was looking forward to was this Monday. It was a quick plan last night to go on a trail hike/run for about 9ish miles (my Garmin had to deal with user error today because the user was having too much fun and forgot).  Met up with a couple of friends I haven’t seen in person in sometime and found the baby newts. We played in the creek, hiked some more, lots of conversation, ran some miles, found beautiful yellow roses in the middle of nowhere, explored some more and all in all had a great Monday. Aside from my allergies wreaking havoc on my resipitory and sounding like I was in a Lamaze breathing class, it was worth it.

I thought a lot about a story I remembered about a businessman on vacation on the coast who encountered a fisherman relaxing and enjoying his day. Businessman chatted with him and offered business advise to the Fisherman about how to build his fishing business, hire more fishermen, buy more boats and increase his profits. Fisherman asked Businessman why would he do that. Businessman explains to Fisherman that he could make a lot of money and retire so he could relax and enjoy the rest of his days. Fisherman shows him that he is doing exactly that already. It’s a matter of perspective if whether we “need” more to do more. What is our end goal, the outcome we are really hoping for?

Are we spinning our wheels to simplify our lives or are we already living enriched lives simply?  It’s ok to make more money as long as we know why we’re doing so. Choosing our outcome now helps us determine the plan of action. Just my thoughts on the trail today. Have a great Monday!

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