Seller’s Anxiety

So the plan is coming along, but my anxiety level decided to come along too. Reality, everything is fine.  In my head, the “what if’s” want to have it under control. What if the buyers change their minds, what if they try to measure and knock over my things, what if they comment that it’s no longer staged and it’s looks messy and decide it’s not as nice as they remembered. What if they back out at the last minute and derail our schedule. The schedule! What if I can’t get everything booked at the right times. And so on… I was feeling ridiculous and alone in my worries.  Matt was annoyed and I had to just simply ask him to stop being annoyed and help me which will in turn help him not be annoyed anymore. I always feel like I have to do it all, figure it out by myself and even want to control the emotions of the buyers. Really, it’s a cute townhouse and great all around. Has some minor quirks and it’s in great condition for being twelve years old. It’s fine. Really, I’m convincing myself.  Matt is going to make the repair calls, it’s simple.  We agreed if the buyer doesn’t like the place unstaged and with a few boxes in the process of packing, it’s ok.  I’m still not happy about the possibility that they will be going through my belongings to move things around to measure. It’s ok now, I drafted up a floor plan with measurements so they can take that for furniture planning, in quarter inch scale. Pencil to paper sketches always help me. Yep, my anxiety got me today, but it’s real life.

I’ve been “reading” aka listening to Mel Robbins’ book “The 5 Second Rule” for the third time, because it’s that good.  I’m on the chapter about anxiety.  I have her Thursday weekly email and it’s topic is about how we give too much of a $h!+ about other people’s perceptions of ourselves. Yep, nail on head day.  I want to control what people think about this blog, but it’s ok, it’s my blog about real life. Hmm… I feel better now! Thanks for being here and waving goodbye to my anxiety attack.

Just breathe…. watching elephant seals and the beautiful waves in the ocean and sky at Pescadero, CA this past weekend.D7F09EE0-50D0-4CF3-9267-EA74103456AE

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